Our Services

You require IT specialists for permanent, temporary or project work?
We are the experts for staffing, recruitment and order services. Quickly and competently we provide all required IT skills.
You need to restructure or consolidate parts of your business? In this case we can also offer you extensive services. Our spectrum of services ranges from project based solutions to Managed Services.

Flat hierarchy and simple decision making processes

A flat hierarchy with simple decision making processes results in short response times. Offering continuity and steady, competent contact persons is very important to us.

IT professionals for IT professionals

All of our staff at headquarters and in the branch offices has been carefully selected. The services we offer have been our daily bread and butter for a long time, and we understand them thoroughly. All of our staff have been working with IT for a long time and their experience makes them competent dialogue partners for you.

Fair contracts and regular on-site coaching

The resources we provide go through a clear internal selection process. Every employee gets a fair employment contract and is regularly coached on-site.

Long term customer relationships

For many years we have been direct provider for various international corporations. Long term customer relationships are very important to us. Since the company foundation in 1998 we have been growing constantly. Quality- and risk management are our top priority.

Finacial stability

We are amont the 2.5% of swiss enterprises with excellent crediot ratings. You’ll find further details on the sites of Bisnode and Dun & Bradstreet.

Long-term membership at swissPRM

We are member of swissPRM, the Swiss association of Project Resource Managers. SwissPRM aims at keeping a high standard of quality and ethics in the IT industry in Switzerland. Certification of all processes focusing of the following criteria is a prerequisite for membership:

  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Compliance with all requirements of work- and social legislation
  • Compliance with high ethical standards
  • Documentation of all business relevant processes

We have all the required approvals for recruitment and staffing, both from the different cantons and from SECO. All approvals and contracts are made out from our registered BdU headquarters in Stans.

PS: Unfortunately, the association swissPRM was disbanded in Spring 2016. However the processes of BdU depend still on the criteria mentioned above.

Selected Reference Projects

Managed Services

International Telecommunications Company: BdU works with a large team of network specialists within a service level agreement for its final customers. BdU takes up responsibility for guaranteeing sufficient resources and continuity of service at all times for the customer at constant, foreseeable costs.

Skill Services

Pharmaceutical Corporation in Western Switzerland: The customer had been looking for Delphi programmers for an extended period of time. BdU was able to provide these resources quickly and effectively. This allowed for the project to be completed successfully.

Supplier Management

Customer from the Banking Sector: We consolidated over one hundred suppliers for this customer. All existing suppliers were subcontracted by BdU Consulting AG. BdU Consulting AG is now the single point of contact (SPOC) for these suppliers when it comes to this customer. Through homogeneous processing and reduction of administrative time and effort, cost savings were made possible for the customer. On the other hand, the suppliers benefited from fair and transparent contracts.

Staff and Service Transition

International Pharmaceutical Corporation in Basel: Due to a business reorganization, part of the staff had to be outsourced to reduce headcount. The transition was performed successfully. Today BdU Consulting AG continues to provide the same quality services with these outsourced staff.

We deliver suitable workers for your request

For many years we have been preferred supplier for various international corporations and have covered the entire range of IT skills. Our recruiters have a solid background in computer science, a wide range of technical skills and many years of hands-on experience. This ensures that we are able to find appropriate resources quickly and competently, or offer the requested services. We focus on the following industry sectors: banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, government and IT. We offer these personnel resources as well as our knowledge for project work or on a more permanent level. By means of defined processes we ensure that our employees meet all social and technical requirements.

User Support

Since our founding, User Support has been one of our core competencies. To us User Support means single resources that are recruited according to the customer’s needs, and who take on daily tasks either on the customer’s premises or remotely. By means of frequent visits and training we ensure that our employees will remain motivated and available for the long term. We offer qualified personnel in the following areas:

  • Helpdesk
  • 1st Level Support
  • 2nd Level Support
  • 3rd Level Support
  • Application Support
  • Request Management

Managed Services

To our customers we offer Managed Services in the following sectors:

  • Rollout as a complete Service
  • Order Desk
  • Staging and Wiping
  • Service Center

Multi-Vendor repairs and maintenance of hardware (servers, POS-systems, printers, PCs, laptops, etc.).

Our hardware technicians carry out multi-vendor repairs of POS cash registers, printers, laptops and PCs. They have know-how HP, Dell, Infoprint, Lenovo, IBM, Lexmark, NCR and other well-known manufacturers’ product lines. We work together with entire teams and with large call volumes, through onsite or bring-in services. When it comes to partial of complete outsourcing of the technical field service we are able to integrate existing teams into our organization.See more details under “Staff- and Service-Transition”.

You have many suppliers but prefer to have only one single point of contact

We are one of the few companies with many years of extensive experience when it comes to supplier management. We consolidate some or all suppliers of a customer into one homogeneous organization. We take responsibility for the entire administrative processes of contracting, invoicing, compliance, payments and reporting. Our process-controlled supplier management ensures that all statutory requirements are met today and tomorrow. Our customers benefit from this in the following ways:

  • Decrease in administrative time and effort
  • Fewer points of contact
  • Simplified processes
  • Standardisation of skills and tariffs
  • Cost savings
  • Assurance of compliance

Involved suppliers and their employees are very important to us. Through fair and transparent contracts we ensure that existing resources and their knowledge will remain available in the future.

If you have to outsource your rescources, we can take them over

With many successfully completed transition projects in the IT sector, BdU is one of the few companies on the market possessing a solid experience in this area. If the situation of a customer requires outsourcing of personnel or services, BdU is able to absorb the affected staff or take up responsibility for services. The following constellations are possible:

  • Take-over of the existing teams and the services they provide
  • Take-over of parts of the existing teams and completing with BdU’s own employees
  • Takeover of services without personnel

Our deep HR-knowledge enables us to use the necessary sensitive approach. Our insurances and social benefits are comparable to those of large corporations. This facilitates the staff transfer.

Besides the usual temporary staffing and service contracts we offer the following services:

  • Placement of full time employees
  • Try & Hire
  • Executive Search

For companies and freelancers we undertake demanding and time-critical tasks such as:

  • HR services for companies
  • HR services for freelancers
  • Outsourcing of administrative services from the IT sector