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BdU Consulting AG provides various services in the IT sector in cooperation with medium sized as well as large and established companies. We have been prospering since 1998, and have been active in the French-speaking part of Switzerland as well since 2010.

For a position at one of our customers, in Basel/Zürich we are looking for a

zWS Senior Engineer 100%

We are seeking a Senior z Workload Scheduler Engineer to a dynamic team and help us drive efficiency and excellence in a z/OS mainframe software environment.

As a Senior z Workload Scheduler Engineer, you will play a pivotal role in managing and optimizing a z/OS mainframe software area. You will leverage your expertise in z/OS operating systems architecture, batch scheduling software, and related tools to ensure the smooth execution of critical processes. If you are a seasoned professional with a deep understanding of z/OS and a passion for problem-solving, we encourage you to apply.

This position will preferably start on Dec 01, 2023. Local presence in Basel/Zürich is required.


  • Utilize your extensive knowledge of z/OS operating systems architecture, backed by at least 5 years of experience, to maintain and enhance a z/OS mainframe software environment.
  • Be responsible for SMP/E installations and maintenance, ensuring the seamless operation of the z/OS operating system.
  • Leverage your in-depth understanding of batch scheduling software such as OPC, TWS, IWS, and ZWS to optimize scheduling processes. Manage ready lists and oversee scheduling flows to ensure efficient task execution.
  • Implement strategies to enhance the Critical Path feature’s functionality and leverage its capabilities for improved scheduling efficiency.
  • Analyze and fine-tune scheduler configuration settings to optimize workload distribution and resource utilization, including Queuelength adjustments and other relevant parameters.
  • Utilize expert skills in TSO/ISPF, REXX, and z/OS subsystems to streamline operational tasks and automate processes.
  • Apply your strong analytical skills to identify and resolve complex issues in the z/OS mainframe environment, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.
  • While not mandatory, skills in assembler programming are welcome and can be an asset in this role.


  • Expert skills in z/OS operating systems architecture, optimally with at least 5 years of experience in the area of z/OS mainframe software area
  • Understanding and hands-on experience with SMP/E and working with z/OS operating system is a must
  • Deep understanding in the inner workings of batch scheduling software and handling (OPC, TWS, IWS, ZWS)
  • Understanding of the process flow during scheduling with ready lists, etc.
  • Knowledge of how the Critical Path feature works and the features surrounding it
  • Knowledge of how certain scheduler configuration settings influences the amount of work the scheduler performs, e.g. Queuelength changes, etc.
  • Expert skills in TSO/ISPF, REXX, z/OS and its subsystems are essential
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Skills in the area of assembler programming is welcome, but not a must.


  • English fluent
  • German would be an advantage

If you are a dedicated z Workload Scheduler Engineer with a passion for optimizing z/OS mainframe software environments, we encourage you to apply and join our team at BdU Consulting AG.

Please send your complete application documents including cover letter, resume with photo and work certificates and refer to our job ID REF-2023-098. Please send all documents via email to

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