BdU Consulting AG data protection policy

BdU Consulting AG is thoroughly committed to protecting the privacy of its users and respecting the data protection laws.  We thus guarantee that your personal data will be handled with utmost confidentiality. 

Any personal data, especially sensitive personal information or personal profiles can only be transmitted to third parties upon written consent from the concerned person and is based on the following legal requirements: 

We guarantee

  • That your file will only be transmitted to companies whose job searches match your profile once you have given your explicit agreement.
  • That your profile will be deleted immediately upon simple written request from you.

 In sending us your application: 

  • You confirm that you are the owner of the data that you enter, and take full responsibility towards any falsification of the information transmitted.
  • You allow BdU Consulting AG to handle and transmit your data to eventual clients.  Your agreement will be sought before every transmission of your file.
  • You agree with this confidentiality clause.